At a glance

Location: Amorgos, Cyclades (Greece)
Dates: September 2022
With the approval of: EOYDA – AIDA International
Maximum number of athletes: 70
Minimum estimated number of athletes: 30
Weather conditions: Based on past experience, during the proposed dates for the Authentic Big Blue competition, we expect for the sea conditions to be favorable. September is traditionally a period of calm seas. The water surface temperature is expected to be around 24°C – 25°C, with a visibility of about 30 – 40 meters. Based on our diving experience, there are no currents that may affect the diving area.

In  case of bad weather conditions there is an alternative location  , Agios Pavlos beach , with a limited depth of 80 m .

Freediving Depth Competition

The competition will take place about half a mile off the beach of Agia Anna, where the depth reaches 150 meters.
The travel time, from the beach where the athletes will board the dive boat of the competition is about 3 minutes.
A rapid ascent system with counter ballast is included in the safety measures of the competition.
The diver is constantly being monitored, throughout the dive, by a high-resolution sonar, while at each zone of the competition, 3 safety divers will be present. One safety diver will also be at every warm-up buoy.
All safety divers are experienced and trained divers who have worked in numerous AIDA competitions (national & worldwide free diving depth championships).

Authentic Big Blue awards and prizes

The overall winners, male and female, will receive awards that will be soon anounced through our official pages on Facebook and Instagram.They will also receive automatic entry in the next Authentic Big Blue.Awards kindly provided from our sponsors,will be also presented for the individual winners of each discipline .


The week before the commencement of the Authentic Big Blue competition, training sessions will become available at the competition site.
More information will soon be posted on our website.

Medical coverage

The competition dive boat will provide the divers with pure oxygen for decompression and first aid use. At the competition site, throughout all the days of the competition, there will be a medical-emergency speedboat of the Aegean Team, with the doctor of the race on board, ready to provide first aid services and rapid transfer to the beach of Agia Anna. There will constantly be available, throughout the days of the competition, an ambulance to transfer the athlete (within 10 minutes) to the fully equipped medical center in the Town of Amorgos. Also, medical support will be provided by Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center.