Spectators Boat

Τhe sport of free diving has never had a live audience before. Authentic Big Blue is the first to offer spectators the opportunity to watch the athletes dive on one breath. Take a local boat and find yourselves next to the biggest names in the sport of free diving. Observe as the athletes prepare and see them take the last breath before diving into the big blue of Amorgos. Enjoy the action from a short distance away see the safety divers checking the athlete’s progress and the referees monitoring the dive. Feel the excitement and relief as the athlete returns to the surface a few minutes later and confirms he is… “OK”.

Reservations for the spectators’ boat start from June the 18th, tickets cost 10 euros per person. The main location of the event is Agia Anna, however due to weather conditions there will be the alternative venue of Nikouria. On the days that the tournament will be held in Agia Anna, the visit in the diving area cannot exceed the 30 minutes and will be made per ten persons at an agreed time. In Nikouria, there will be two to three trips on the days of the event and these will last approximately one hour. Spaces are limited to 50 bookings per day.

Ensure you reserve your place in plenty of time and enjoy this unique experience with the “Authentic Big Blue”.